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About Christine

The sound of the harp is unique -- and in the hands of a dedicated performer, the vibrations can seem to travel straight to the heart.  This has been my life's work, to make music that speaks to the heart.

I am a harp music event specialist in Charlotte, NC.  Planning and performing beautiful music for your wedding or reception -- any event, is important to me!  I grew up singing folk and church music, as well as popular jazz standards, before beginning studies on the piano and harp.  My grandparents were voice teachers, so a natural love for melody, rhythm and phrasing was instilled in me from a young age....much like the Suzuki method for talent development in music.

Harp Training:

I received my classical harp training at Queens College, Winthrop University and the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, where I was awarded a full scholarship.  I love to learn and have traveled the globe studying fascinating aspects of the harp world, such as the cross-strung Spanish harp, the Scottish clarseach and the Breton, wire-strung harp.


Experiences with the Charlotte Symphony:

I've been a longtime member of our Charlotte Symphony and the performers I've enjoyed working with have formed a musical tapestry of memories -- violinist Caroline Goulding, trumpeter Chris Botti, Cirque du Soleil and Art Garfunkel, to name a few.  But a recent performance with singer/songwriter Randy Newman was a special treat.  He kindly autographed my copy of his album, “Harps & Angels.” . . which just seemed so. . . fitting.

Other Musical Memories:

More threads in my tapestry of musical memories. . . the Spoleto Festival, every summer guaranteed a stress-induced high from the frantic pace -- the Bruch Scottish Fantasy with Midori, learned in three days after a sudden program change. . .a broken pedal rod in the middle of a Hans Werner Henze opera at the Dock Theater! . . a Shostakovich opera performed on a raked stage in Spoleto, Italy  -- every performance felt like we were defying gravity . . . a South African production of Carmen and, another highlight, the Afternoon of a Faun with the Joffrey Ballet. 


I also teach and share my love for music with my students at CPCC and Arts Plus.


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