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Central Piedmont Community College

We are a dynamic department that can offer a two-year associate's degree program with a major in music!  We provide a tremendous amount of one-on-one help in preparing our music students for further study at a four-year institution. There is also a folk harp ensemble class as well as private lessons, weekly instrumental rep classes, and opportunities to study Baroque and early Renaissance music.....and jazz!

Where else can you get such a high-quality education that is so affordable?  Imagine. . . no school loan debt!

 Arts Plus

You have a unique opportunity to study the Suzuki method for harp at Arts Plus!  Parents, harp students and I form an important partnership in the "mother tongue approach" to music education. 


For more information on the Suzuki Method, please check out this link:

For more information about Arts Plus, please click on this link:

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